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Official Chicago White Sox MLB Apparel - MLB Shirts, Hats + More

Over the years, few sports franchises have changed their colors more than the Chicago White Sox; they cycled through an array of logos and uniform designs before settling on the current black and white iteration that has been around for more than a quarter-century now. Campus Colors offers Chicago White Sox apparel and merchandise in the team's official colors with the old English-style SOX logo adorned on Sox adjustable caps, T-shirts, snapbacks, replica jerseys and every other item in this collection. And Campus Colors even offers a couple of throwback items that feature historic White Sox logos and designs.

Campus Colors' selection of White Sox apparel is not confined to stuff to wear. Comiskey crazies can get fanatical over the selection of sculpted ceramic bowls, duffle bags, water bottles, sandwich containers, mug shot glasses and other items that can help you live your live with your "Sox" always on.