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DePaul Blue Demons

When was the last time you went to a Blue Demons game? What were you wearing? If the answer is anything but DePaul apparel, it's time to give your closet an update! Campus Colors is the go-to source for clothing, novelty goods and accessories featuring college logos and branding from collegiate sports teams. In our Blue Demons section, you'll find a massive selection of high-quality gear that's maxed out in DePaul team spirit.

Let's start with the DePaul apparel. At Campus Colors we love our apparel, and we hope you will too! We only stock the finest quality threads and designs we can get our hands on. We want our T-shirts, hoodies and gym pants to become your favorite things to wear. Most of our gear is made for lounging, but the great thing is, you can also wear these duds to the next DePaul Blue Demons game. Imagine cheering on your favorite team in the stands wearing that signature blue and red.

When you can't wear your team spirit, you can always write with it, drink out of it or use it to decorate your car. DePaul apparel isn't the only type of Blue Demons merchandise we carry. We have a diverse collection of novelty items that all proudly sport the team colors and logo. These novelty goods give fans the chance to incorporate their passion for their favorite sports department into all aspects of their lives. Once you're a DePaul fan, you're a fan forever, so might as well feed that passion and show it off with enthusiasm and pride.

Not everyone can afford to invest in their passions the way they'd like to. Students attending DePaul University for instance, might find they're working with a limited budget for spending money on their hobbies. Campus Colors recognizes the importance of fair pricing. We offer competitive rates to ensure DePaul fans will always be able to support their favorite team.