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Best Gameday Attire: Sportswear Fashion for Men

Part of attending a sporting event is representing your team with an outfit. For some men, it can be difficult to combine sportswear with fashion. You don’t need to be like the “Marlins Man” and wear the same old jersey to every game you attend. Experimenting with different ways to wear your team on your sleeve can be a lot of fun. Simple accessories make a statement in a way that you may have never thought about before.


There are many different outfits to show your colors and stay fashionable at the same time.


Wearing a jersey to a game can be both fashion-forward and sporty. People have been wearing jerseys to games (and the grocery store) for decades, and there's a reason. This type of sportswear can help people feel like part of the team, while also showing allegiance. Making sure you choose a jersey that fits is very important, there are a number of styles and sizes to help you feel the most comfortable. Many people choose jerseys that are oversized and appear loose and baggy; don’t be scared to wear a jersey that truly fits you. Donning a jersey with a pair of jeans and some sneakers is perfect for a Sunday with the boys or a night at the arena with your significant other. 

Snapback/Baseball Cap

Choosing to wear a snapback or classic baseball cap can give a fashionable edge to your look if done right. Just wearing a snapback on its own (without any other team apparel) can look stylish and simple. You are still repping your team but just in a less straightforward way. Some guys can pull off a snapback wonderfully; it’s all about knowing how to wear one. Decide if a snapback or regular baseball cap is right for you, then add it to your outfit for a great way to show your true colors.



If you’re looking to avoid jeans or dress pants on gameday, try a pair of joggers. Joggers are a great piece of men's sportswear that show your sense of fashion, while also keeping you comfortable. The athleisure trend has made way for sweatpants to be fashionable, which all men should take advantage of. The tapered ankle gives joggers a sleek, casual look, as opposed to regular boot cut pants. Pairing these with your team’s t-shirt and some basketball shoes will have you game-ready in no time!


Statement Socks

Socks are highly underrated fashion-wise. Fun patterns and statements can make wearing socks a fun way to show off your personality. Crew statement socks can help men show their love for their team, while also being comfortable and fashion-forward. Socks aren’t just for covering your feet anymore. They have become a true fashion accessory, especially for men. In order to make socks look fashionable, it is important to pull them all the way up and avoid bunching them at the ankles. It’s easy for guys to make a sportswear statement with something as simple as socks.


Basketball Shorts

Channel your inner 90’s, because basketball shorts are officially in. They are simple, come in an array of colors, and allow you to represent your favorite teams even on the hottest of summer days. You can pair them with a t-shirt and sneakers for a look that screams swagger but fashion as well. Shorts are no longer being judged as a “just out of bed look,” but rather an athleisure/sportswear item that is sophisticated yet simple. These are perfect for gameday because you can feel confident in the same outfit from the stadium, to the bar, to chilling back home.


A Basic T-Shirt

There’s nothing wrong with a t-shirt however, it is important which t-shirt you wear and how you look. When choosing a t-shirt, you need to look out for five key aspects: fit, color, fabric, style, and function. These aspects will assure you that when you purchase a t-shirt, it is not only fashion-forward but also comfortable and the correct size. T-shirts are a simple way for men to wear sportswear, but also embrace the fashion within their look. When you discover the correct fit in a t-shirt, your eyes will be opened to exactly why a t-shirt can be fashionable. Also, finding tricks to tuck or roll your shirt can give it the extra touch it needs to feel trendy and upscale.

Jersey T-Shirts

Jersey T-Shirts are a combination of (you guessed it) a jersey and a t-shirt. If you want to experiment with wearing jerseys, but don’t want to make the full commitment yet, a jersey t-shirt is a great place to start. Wearing a t-shirt jersey is a great way to feel like part of the team and still feel comfortable doing it. It is important for you to find their correct size in order to bring out the shirt’s fashion and sportswear elements. A jersey t-shirt is also a much less expensive way to sport a player’s name on your back as opposed to replica jerseys. One last great thing about t-shirt jerseys is that they will never go out of style for gameday.


Jacket / Sweatshirt

Warm sweatshirts like these hoodies are practical, comfortable, and yes, fashionable. You can wear them around the house, to the arena, and to lunch with friends after the game. A hoodie also pairs great with those joggers mentioned earlier. This piece of sportswear will keep men warm and looking good whilst representing their team, fashion, and function. If it’s a super cold game in the midwest snow, you can even add a jacket on top of the sweatshirt for added warmth and style. As long as men find the correct fit for their outerwear they can look trendy for both the runway and the game.


Men Can Show off their Natural Fashion Sense with Sportswear

Gearing up for gameday doesn’t mean you have to throw on an old pair of sweatpants and that t-shirt with holes in it that you’ve had since high school. Men’s sportswear can be in fashion. It also doesn’t mean that you need to go out and buy an autographed jersey to rock on Sunday either (unless you really want to). Something as simple as a jersey t-shirt makes a fashion statement in the sportswear world. Joggers are comfy and practical, yet also modern and trendy. This goes to show that fashion sense is attainable for all men, even those who only wear sportswear. Gameday attire can be fun and help men feel like the MVP.

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